Close Reading Task Cards

Below are some task cards that I have put together using MS Publisher. They are intended to be used with any fiction text: poem or prose. You can change the wording to make them more directed or text-specific by clicking within the text within the larger box. Print them and cut them out.  The are intended to be two-sided, with a colorful number on one side and a corresponding close reading question on the flip side, and then laminated.

I ask that my students respond to nearly everything in a a complete sentence, and therefore I have provided some sentence frames to get them started, and so the cards can be differentiated for ability.  My students are not required to use the sentence frames, but many find them helpful.

One more note: The long fill-in-the-blank-style underscores are to indicate that yes, a written response is expected. (A few of the lettered directions ask them to re-read something closely and therefore do not require a written response.)

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